Apr. 28th, 2010


Apr. 28th, 2010 03:03 pm
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My husband's daughter, his ex-wife, and the ex-wife's current boyfriend all sent me friend requests on Facebook. O.o...I feel like I'm on that episode of SouthPark now. Too much pressure!

Home today, tomorrow and Friday! Needed a break from work like whoa. Need to clean my house too, is very yucky because we've been lazy lima beans.

[livejournal.com profile] nagaempress, I got your voicemail and can't wait for our "party" at the hospital.

Been planning vacation time from work, looks like 2nd half year is gonna be busy. Planning to go to DC in August, gonna TRY to go to Nan Desu Kan in Denver this year, that's in September but I'd have a free place to stay and a personal driver. :) And Denver has some awesome places to see besides the huge con. Not to mention one of the best damn ramen shops in the country. We'll have to see what work is like at the time. I have ass-loads of time off, but sometimes we're too busy for me to use it.

And in October, going to Dallas for husband's gaming con. At least they aren't doing it at the expensive boutique hotel this year, but a bigger place, so less cash and more stuff for me to do while he geeks out. It's close to Six Flags too...I wonder...Grant might say he's too old for rides but Wheez is all about 'em. I love riding roller coasters, eating junk food and getting sick off spinny rides. Only problem is that it's the weekend before Y-con so I'd only have two days home before I had to turn around and fly out again.

Told Grant he should come to Y-con, but he probably won't have time off from work and said "what part of hell no, do you not understand???" Poor guy, I'm traumatized him by bringing so much boi pRon in the house.

I should be done with the desire to travel by then, although Grant and I have discussed planning something around xmas time so we don't have to deal with the insanity of last year. My dad is usually in TX or Mexico during the winter, might have to make a run for the border. I do love my family, but I hate family holidays.


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